Ishvari Mélanie

Ishvari is a certified yoga teacher and tantra instructor since 2012. She has over 8 years of experience practicing and leading Yoga classes, Tantra workshops and women embodiment retreat all over the world (Europe, Thailand, India, Colombia, Canada…). Ishvari has always been curious and thirsty for discovering the world and its many peoples. After years of traveling around the world, she finally discovered spirituality and meditation in Canada. Since then, she has been following her call for the Truth, which brought her to Asia. She lived in Thailand for 6 years, deeply integrated in a tantric school, where she transformed and rediscovered herself. Her perception of life, spirituality, and sexuality totally changed. Relationships have also been an important part of her spiritual practice, by working on Self reflection, pure love, surrender… She believes that by unlocking sexuality, our true and highest nature can be revealed. Ishvari is now also training in Odissi Classical Indian Dance since 2015 with Colleena Shakti and Sujata Mohapatra in India. This practice of traditional Indian Temple Art deepened her understanding and experience in devotional art, the importance of lineage, and surrender. She is also the founder of a women's clothing line, Ishvari Creations.