Kate Alderman

Hi! My name is Kate I’m a Somatic Sexologist, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, ISTA I & II (International School Temple Arts), Master Your Pleasure and Shamanic Womb Graduate, Landmark Graduate, Author and Workshops Facilitator. I have the training and experience to support you in embodying more pleasure and reclaiming sexual empowerment. I’m very passionate about empowering people to thrive in love, pleasure, relationships and life! I offer sex and relationship coaching, embodied therapy and somatic education to individuals, couples and I enjoy facilitating a range of workshops and events. I’ve presented at retreats and festivals such as Taste Of Love, One World Tantra, Feast, The Edge and Illuminate. I combine many years of experience in fitness, health, healing, breathwork, bodywork, transformation, plant medicines and the shamanic arts to create a unique transmission that inspires, enlivens and awakens. I’m an engaging speaker with a natural passion for sharing interesting stories, references and rich personal experiences. I love bridging the gap between spirituality and science by delivering my understanding and wisdom within a practical context that inspires, motivates, and awakens new perspectives. I bring presence, warmth, openness, heart, authenticity and integrity to my work, and I welcome people of all genders, sexualities and relationship preferences. I’m a professional member of SSEAA – Somatic Sex Educators Australia www.sseaa.org