Libby Sheppard

I'm a bodyworker specialising in intimate touch. I'm also an intimacy and masturbation coach. I want to support you to feel more liberated, confident and relaxed with intimacy, touch and pleasure. I believe that really satisfying, nourishing and exciting sex and intimacy start with a foundation of safety and relaxation in our own bodies. In my private sessions I work with clients who have specific issues around their relationship to sex, arousal, body image and pleasure, or who just enjoy the luxury and intimacy of full body massage. My sessions blend massage, touch, sometimes body-to-body contact, breath work, mindfulness, coaching and talk. I also offer online courses in genital massage and mindful masturbation for you all to learn the secrets of delicious intimate touch at home!  My own journey to loving and appreciating my body, and feeling sexually and spiritually fulfilled, has taken me through work as a stripper, a pole dance instructor, a personal trainer, recovery from addiction and exploration of many healing modalities. I've studied and trained in Somatic Sex Education, The Wheel of Consent, TRE and Tantric Bodywork (amongst other things). My mission in life is to blend my knowledge, experience and fascination with the physical body, with my desire to create a healthier understanding in the world of sex, sexuality, arousal and pleasure. Whether you’re in a relationship or not; regardless of your age, gender or sexual orientation; if you’ve never touched yourself or anyone else, or if you are the most tactile person in the room…I hope that my courses here on will help you to have a more loving, relaxed and confident relationship with your body, with pleasure, with intimacy and with touch… With Love, Libby x