The BeSt ThiNGS In LiFE are Old, LOvED and ReSCUed.



Creativity is making Marvelous out of the Discarded

Saving the Environment One Unique Piece At A Time!!!

A mans oxford cut and restyled with t-shirt sleeves and leopard print and rose embellishments


Put nostalgia on hold and rescue fatigued favorites from the clutches of time. 

ReLove resurrects and up-cycles to restore their former glory and more, while using skill and fashion savvy style.


Maybe it’s the rebel in us but ReLove see’s no good reason to use something solely for its intended purpose. 

Everything and everyone is capable of great things. 

That’s why “it is what it is” doesn’t fly around here. ReLove sees beyond the expected and into the possible.


Things change, people change. 

If the spark for a vintage favorite has fizzled, perhaps it’s time for a fashion revamp. 

Sometimes a style makeover is all it takes to see something with a whole new set of eyes. 

Get a whole new look and learn to love it all over again.

About the Designer

A polo shirt made from 3 to make 3! Nothing is thrown away. Embellished with a cute bee

Every brand begins as an idea or a concept.   One thing people don’t know about our designers is that they tend to be a perfectionists, an inveterate artist, who takes great pride in all they do.

 For Lisa, its always personal, which has contributed to the creation of the brand. Lisa had always felt that there was something missing from her wardrobe and needed to bring to life that special, unique design that could make it complete. Each article of clothing satisfies that need for uniqueness by providing an incredible one of kind vintage re-designed look. Her inspirations started with up-cycling vintage finds which then transformed into home goods. Eventually taking to up-cycling vintage clothing and now her own unique vintage inspired clothing line.

Caryn started with a basics line but wanted something more.  Her desire to change and enhance the old led her to Lisa.  Caryn loves to be involved with everything from the designs to our graphics! She has a love and passion for creativity that adds to ReLove!

Return and Exchange FAQs

Not your boyfriends blazer.  Up-cycled blazer with a hoodie and embellishments. Trendy and chic

How long do I have to return? (Retail Policy)

-30 days from the purchase date. Please contact customer service at for a return authorization. The return authorization is valid for 14 days; items must be received within that period. 

Please Call for Our Wholesale Return Policy


All sale items and All custom orders are FINAL SALE-no exceptions.

About Us

What's Old Is New Again

ReLove is all about giving new life to vintage inspired clothing while maintaining the original integrity of each piece. 

All handmade in the USA.

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Our Purpose

 During the development of ReLove, we have found that a very large percentage of unwanted garments and textiles find their way to our landfills on a daily basis.  Most of these items do not decompose and form the gas CO2. This is the same gas our cars emit on a daily basis.  

As a result, our company has found and will continue to find surplus textiles, recycled materials made into textiles, organically grown cotton woven into textiles as well as overstock clothing that would have found its way into landfills. We utilize these items in either creating our own patterns and designs or continuing to change the original form into a new and trendy piece.

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